a bridal salon and dress (up) shop

Betsy Kemp, Erica Cathey, Toni Tucker, Kristin Connell and Kate Willis

Located in the historic Heights shopping district, the storefront of Proposals beckons women of all ages. From luxurious bridal gowns to bright and bold casual dresses, Proposals is a one-stop-shop for brides and the fashion-minded socialite.

Toni Tucker, owner of Proposals, explains, “For a bride, that means finding the perfect dress for yourself, your bridesmaids and your mother all in one place. For others, it’s finding a fabulous dress and jewelry. We are here for all of that.”

Toni’s career in retail and premier customer service began at Kristin Chase, a local women’s clothing store. “I loved retail from the very beginning,” Toni says, “Even at 22, when I started at Kristen Chase, I dreamt of owning a clothing store one day.” After her son was born, the opportunity knocked. “The prior owner mentioned selling and we started talking. One thing led to another and now I have this wonderful store – it’s better than I ever dreamed!”

Whether it’s attire for a happy hour with the girls or the event of the season, Toni takes pride in her shop’s honest approach with clients. “We want women to look their best. If that means suggesting something they weren’t considering, or sending them to another boutique, our primary focus is what is best for the customer.”

When brides book an appointment at Proposals, they are given two hours with one of the store’s highly trained bridal consultants. “We welcome as many guests as each bride would like, and we offer complimentary champagne,” says Toni. “It is so fun to see the bride, her friends and her family toasting after she has said, ‘Yes!’”

Proposals’ exclusive bridal lines include Enzoani, La Sposa, Nicole Miller Bridal, Watters and Watters, and Bill Levkoff, a best-selling bridesmaid line. Other brands include Teri Jon, Nicole Miller, Monique Lhuillier, and exclusive Arkansas brand, Kay Unger.

Whether it’s attire for a happy hour with the girls or the event of the season, Toni takes pride in her shop’s honest approach with clients.

501.661.4696 | 5913 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72207 |

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Lolly Honea 

Realtor, Keller Williams Realty

After 27 years in the business, Lolly Honea, declares what began as a way to supplement income has evolved into a remarkable real estate portfolio. “I started so I could pay for horse showing expenses for my daughters and myself, now it’s a career I love. “

Lolly represents Keller Williams and remains dedicated to her clients and their complete real estate experience. Her outstanding service – including home purchases, seller services, relocation and referrals – is recognized by multiple awards. She’s been named Company Top Producer and one of Top Five Producers in Central Arkansas year after year. Her keen negotiating skills coupled with her sincerity and intuitive market insight makes her an industry leader. She maintains a reputation of exceptional client service in the Little Rock area and West Pulaski County – regardless of property value. “A mission I own is Performance Not Promises.” Lolly says, “The real estate business is a special opportunity to strengthen the community and to take care of people by helping them accomplish their goals with a sincere and caring attitude.”

“A mission I own is Performance Not Promises.”

501.960.4277 | 12814 Cantrell Road Little Rock, AR 72223 |


Suzy Cecil 

stylist, M Salon

Opened in the heart of historic Hillcrest in 2007 by Monica Craig, M Salon offers hair styling, color, design, waxing and keratin complex smoothing systems. “Our cutting edge techniques and first-class customer service make clients feel like family,” boasts Monica. It’s that perfect combination of exceptional service and comfort that keeps her M Salon family growing.

Specialists like Suzy Cecil, with her enthusiastic attitude coupled with her expertise, create that atmosphere for success and transform clients. Her resume boasts vast experience along with a degree from a nationally accredited school of cosmetology, but she confesses her obsession with hair started early. “As a girl, I loved to go to the salon with my grandmother and pretend that I worked there. I folded towels and begged to have highlights in my hair. I spent hours styling my Barbie’s hair, that evolved into styling my friend’s hair and makeup through junior high and high school.”

Suzy keeps her skills aligned with the latest industry trends and innovations – she continues training and attends national hair shows. “Ongoing advanced education is a must,” Suzy says. “Because I love what I do, I want to learn everything I can and be inspired by the masters of my craft. The beauty industry fascinates me and it continues to evolve.”

Suzy’s passion for styling transcends professional relationships, creating unexpected friendships. “I love making people happy – happy people are beautiful people. My business is personal; it’s about relationships. My clients are my extended family and some of my best friends.” Suzy explains the instant gratification that the perfect hairstyle provides. “I love that I can boost a person’s confidence in such a short amount of time. When a client trusts me, I am humbled and determined to give my best. I want my clients to feel beautiful, and not just in my chair – until they visit me again.”

Suzy offers tailored hairstyling with strong attention to detail and technical expertise, but her skills take her beyond the salon chair. “It’s a bonus to provide on-site styling, hair and make-up editorial features and special events!”

“I love making people happy – happy people are beautiful people.”

501.663.6643 or 501.951.2861 | 3000 Kavanaugh Blvd. Ste. 103 |


Hart & Coco Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics is a little known specialty in dentistry—particularly in Arkansas.  One of the reasons for that is the scarcity of this type of dentist. There are less than 3,200 of them in the United States. In fact, they are the only two prosthodontists in the city and one is the only female prosthodontist in Arkansas.

Dr. Jonathan Hart is one of these rarities. Like every other general dentist in the state, he attended college, then dental school, and then began looking for a career in a private practice. That searching was cut short when he was recruited to enter a hospital-based residency program for general dentists—a yearlong advanced training opportunity that he states “was too intriguing to pass up.” While there, he learned more about the complexities of the mouth—in that it is more than just teeth, it’s a grouping of intricate organs that are part of a complicated system of joints (the TMJ) and the muscles of the face. 

“That just opened Pandora’s box for me,” Hart states. “I found myself just out of reach of the ‘answer,’ for what I thought was the secret of perfect dentistry.” 

Nearing the end of the hospital program, by invitation Hart met with the director of the Prosthodontic training program at the University of Tennessee, and was immediately offered a position in a three-year program with the promise that he would know more about dentistry than he ever knew possible. Hart states that what he discovered in this advanced training was that healthcare in dentistry should be better and safer; more predictable, longer lasting and in harmony with the natural workings of the body. 

“Dr. Suzanne Coco,” as Jonathan jovially puts it, is “the better half of the team – she makes us look good!” Her experience in dentistry began with 4 a.m. workday starts as a pre-teen in her father’s dental clinic in Mississippi. “I’m not so sure they wouldn’t call child services these days,” she laughs, but goes on to say that they were some of the best days of her life. “I grew up in the lab of that old dental clinic, and still use some of the techniques my dad taught me to this day.” 

That experience must have made an impression on her, as she went on to become a nationally board-certified dental lab technician; a career that began with two distinguished tours of duty in the Air Force, before opening her own dental lab in Alaska. 

“Something about having my own lab reminded me of my father’s clinic, and really spurred me on to go back to dental school,” Coco remembers. “And I had a loving husband, who supported me in this idea.  We sold almost everything we owned, picked up our family of three, and moved down to Arkansas. I finished some college work, applied and was accepted to dental school, and somehow was talked into doing prosthodontics by the director of the program.

Dr. Hart and Dr. Coco now find themselves members of an elite world-wide network of a rare species; the prosthodontist.  In their practice, one can find quite an amazing array of equipment that in no uncertain terms is quite impressive.  “The technology isn’t just there for show and tell.  It helps us do our job exceptionally well for folks right here in Arkansas, and truth-be-told, there’s not a whole lot we can’t accomplish with it.  That’s important to us because our patients are kind of our family; they’re our neighbors, our friends, and friends of our friends. Their happiness is our biggest goal,” says Hart.

“We spent a lot of time in training to be the best, and it makes my heart feel good to share that knowledge and expertise with patients,” Coco states. “We provide an opportunity for patients to have comprehensive, full-mouth dental treatment by a team of well-trained specialists, all under one roof. When Jonathan approached me with this idea, I knew this opportunity was where I was meant to be… It just felt right.” “Today,” Coco goes on to say, “We find ourselves in sync with the purpose to provide an exceptional level of dentistry. We have everything, including an in-house dental lab with a single technician dedicated to our work. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Dr. Hart and Dr. Coco offer dental options ranging from a single tooth-supported crown, to dentures to full mouth reconstruction with crowns or full mouth dental implant treatment. They also specialize in TMJ therapy, as well as making prosthetics for cancer patients and individuals suffering from traumatic injuries. 


501.319.7520 | 2300 Andover Court, #400, Little Rock, AR 72227 |


Gigi Butler

the woman behind the cupcake

Gigi Butler, the founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes (, experienced a long journey before she created the nation’s fastest growing and largest cupcake franchise.  Born in Oklahoma and raised in a small California farm town, Gigi always possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit. To earn funds to support her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter, she founded Gigi’s Cleaning Company at the age of 15. As Gigi continued to dream of a career in music, she decided to move to Nashville, TN.  She found some success, performing at top music spots like Tootsie’s and The Stage on Broadway.  However, once Gigi turned 30, she decided to retire from the music industry.

Gigi was happy with the success of her cleaning company, but felt that it lacked the creative energy she desired in a career. Gigi, also an accomplished baker, got a phone call from her brother in September 2007 that would change her life. He told her about the two hour long line he stood in at a famous cupcake shop in NYC. He realized that she could use her talents to start the successful and creative business she wanted.

After months of hard work and preparation, Gigi’s Cupcakes first location opened in downtown Nashville on February 21, 2008. On the day Gigi’s opened its doors, she had only $33 left in her checking account. Word of the delicious new cupcakes quickly spread and lines were soon filing out the door. Within the first month, Gigi’s Cupcakes was successful enough that Gigi was able to pay off all of her bills and still bring home a small profit.

Today, the Gigi’s brand is stronger than ever and proud to be a part of the Central Arkansas community. The locally owned and operated locations on University Blvd. and Chenal Parkway in Little Rock bake fresh on-site daily. There’s also a new Conway location coming soon!  With a wide variety of gourmet cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cheesecakes, there’s truly something for everyone.  Visit your neighborhood Gigi’s for your event & celebration needs, or just a sweet treat for you and your family.

2 Little Rock Locations:

416 S. University, Suite 120 | 501.614.7012

12800 Chenal Parkway | 501.225.9900


Cindy Minor 

owner, Small World Big Fun

Cindy Minor, owner of Small World Big Fun, holds your ticket to your family’s BEST vacation ever.

Small World BIG FUN, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, specializes in customized Disney vacations. Cindy established Small World Big Fun with a singular purpose – creating FABULOUS FAMILY EXPERIENCES. That means a personal travel itinerary that fits your family.

“Family vacations are not one-size fits all,” explains Cindy. “At Small World Big Fun, we look at a family’s dynamics and mix + match the world-renowned Disney amenities that best complement their ticket for fun.”

She’s a modern day Mouseketeer, serving as a Disney ambassador for families that want to take the stress out of planning a Disney vacation. Cindy planned trips for family and friends for years prior to becoming an independent contractor for another travel agency. After more than a decade of vacation planning experience, she took a leap of faith and started Small World BIG FUN. “I love travel! If I can’t take the trip, planning the magical experience for my clients is the next best thing,” attests Cindy.

With clients from coast to coast, her personal approach to travel planning is her gateway for making new friends. “Life is so busy, families barely have time for vacations. We take care of all the planning and every detail at no charge to you. Pack your bags and spirit of adventure – we will make sure you’re set for Big FUN!”

“I feel so incredibly blessed to play a small part in helping families create memories that last a lifetime.”

501.831.5211 |


iRealty Arkansas

Through real estate expertise and the latest technology, iRealty Arkansas makes the American Dream of home ownership a reality for Arkansans.

Sarah Rector, principal broker and part owner of iRealty Arkansas, has experience spanning a decade. “We're thankful for the initial success at iRealty Arkansas, and I believe that will continue as long as we keep the Golden Rule mentality. We’ll always keep our word, and continue to provide innovative and focused support to our agents and clients. Buying a home is the true American Dream and we look forward to spreading that experience across the great state of Arkansas.”

Matt Lamb was born in Little Rock and comes back from Texas with expansive real estate experience. Real estate was never a career goal for Matt, but he’s always been fascinated by awesome ideas and technology. “Awesome is something we’re creating at iRealty Arkansas. We place emphasis and thought on the true meaning of that word. Our philosophy is that by surrounding ourselves with first class Realtors and providing them with effective support, their clients receive the best service possible, which, in the end, is our top priority.”

Real estate has been a part of Erik Bailey’s family since 1956. “Most 8 year olds don't have career goals, but I remember clearly around that time knowing I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps. There was never anything else I wanted to do.” At iRealty, they’ve learned a lot in their brief history. “Initially, we thought technology would be our flagship. Although it is an important piece of the puzzle, improving the quality of life for both our agents and clients is our purpose,” he says. “Making people happy is simple in theory – figure out what they want and give it to them. By asking the right questions and listening, we help people find what they want.”

Implementing these strategies is the not-so-simple part, Erik says. “If it were, everyone would be doing it. By over-delivering, iRealty will create a lasting impression in Central Arkansas.”

501.444.2055 | 1400 W. Markham Street, Little Rock |

Erik Bailey
As a recent business student at UALR, Erik is equipped to deliver an excellent customer experience while staying ahead of the technology curve. His family has been doing real estate in Arkansas since 1956, so it’s pretty much in his genes.

Matt Lamb
Matt was born and raised in Little Rock, but he worked the last several years as a real estate internet marketer in Texas. His ability to market our listings online is a part of what differentiates iRealty Arkansas from the other guys.

Sarah Rector
Sarah is the principal broker of iRealty Arkansas, a part owner of the company and a full time rock star realtor. She has worked in the industry since 2003 and it wouldn’t take much digging to turn up a past client who sings her praises.


ACE Glass

Chris Little, Lindsey Gray, Courtney Little, Linda Little and Newton Little

Established on the basic principles of the Golden Rule, ACE Glass Construction Corporation provides quality service with the integrity of family owned and operated business. Newton and Linda Little founded ACE with an honest, independent approach to business. "We always serve others the way we would want to be served," explains Newton Little, “And the business follows.” ACE Glass continues the family tradition of exceptional sales, installation and representation of its products.

Courtney Little, president of ACE Glass, instills his family’s morals and values into every project. An attorney by trade, his pragmatic approach to business leads to opportunities and growing the residential service division. It’s a natural extension to their business. “Our core values at ACE and the Little family compliment residential projects – helping families create homes that are safe and secure,” explains Courtney.

His brother, Chris Little, leads the marketing and development team.  “Our key benefit is simple… As a homeowner, you can trust ACE. Quality drives our business. Excellence in performance, appearance and owner satisfaction is a mandate,” says Chris.

Their parents, Newton Little (vice president), and Linda (benefits administrator), sold the business to Courtney in 2008. Even their sister, Lindsey Gray returned to the business they call “home” as CFO. The result… Upholding family values is second nature for this business.

The Little Rock skyline wouldn’t look quite the same without the commercial glass service ACE offers. It’s their contribution to the architectural community and portfolio of past successes.

There are other main ingredients to ACE’s success, according to Courtney. “We are extremely blessed with personnel who care about doing a very good job on time and within cost budget.”

“Our core values at ACE and the Little family compliment residential projects - helping families create a homes that are safe and secure.”
– Courtney Little, president of ACE Glass Construction Corporation

501.372.0595 | 405 Shall Avenue
Little Rock, AR 72202 |



Sarah Barton, Kate Price, Katherine Allen and Brittany Mills

For almost a decade, Indigo has dressed Central Arkansas clients in latest trends. This contemporary boutique, operated by Kate Price since 2011, features world-renowned designer brands Free People, Splendid, Lovers and Friends, French Connection, Wildfox and Naven. They also carry great accessory lines like Marc Jacobs, Tano, House of Harlow, Vanessa Mooney and more to shop storewide.

It started in Tennessee and expanded the fast-paced, high-end store to Little Rock with same attention to detail. Kate says. “When a customer walks into our store, we want them to feel at home. We consider them friends and want each to look their best. Our job is complete when we send a customer from the store feeling better than when she came to us for fashion advice.”

Indigo specializes in designer denim featuring 7 for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, AG, True Religion, Hudson, Koral, Joe’s Jeans and J Brand. Indigo offers a variety of accessories to complete any look. From premium denim to handbags, they have you covered for all occasions.

Indigo’s future is bright, Kate hints. “Our plans are nothing but growth. We have a dedicated staff that all want to provide great guest experiences and over-the-top fashion.”

501.663.4565 | Park Plaza Mall, Little Rock |

Brands include:
J Brand, Lovers + Friends, Naven, Ella Moss, Kendra Scott, Dolce Vita, Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, Marc Jacobs, Wildfox, Bella Dahl, Vanessa Mooney, Joe's Jeans, House of Harlow, 7 for all Mankind and Splendid.


Lynn Pangburn

Realtor, Coldwell Banker RPM

Property is often a homeowner’s largest asset, and Lynn Pangburn with Coldwell Banker RPM recognized that from beginning. With over a decade of experience, Lynn says, “I knew I had to embrace excellence to succeed. No two transactions are alike so I have to be on my toes and constantly educated about the ever-changing housing market. When buyers choose me, it’s a relationship of trust and confidence.”

She’s in the business of building relationships and changing lives. “I am so thankful for every transaction, buyer, seller and referral. I love being a Realtor because what I do impacts the lives of my clients and sharing in that process is a privilege.”

Lynn’s core business is Chenal, West Little Rock, Little Rock, North Little Rock and Maumelle properties. She has received the Diamond Award from the Little Rock Realtors Association consistently and “Top Five” volume agents for CBRPM. She credits her faith for her continued success. “I believe God blesses my business. When I hammer the “For Sale” sign in a front yard, I ask God to bring a buyer quickly and for a smooth transaction. He honors my request on His timing.  When I represent a buyer, I ask that God open the door - literally and figuratively - to the house that He has already chosen for them.”

“I knew I had to embrace excellence to succeed.”

501.325.2284 | 16101 Cantrell Road 72223, Little Rock |

Lynn's current listings:

$2,200,000 Crystal Hill – 15 acres AR river estate, boat slip, horse barn

$1,399,000 123 Osage Drive – Showcase on 8th hole of Maumelle Country Club

$1,200,000 24805 Kanis – 9 acres with shop, barn, pool 5,200 sq ft custom

$795,000 29 La Scala Court – Hickory Grove over-the-top custom

$650,000 1 Hallen Court – Gated on Bear Den gold course

$619,000 141 Hickory Creek – Gated media lover's dream

$586,000 20 Maisons – One level with outdoor open floorpan

$575,000 14 Masters Place – Renovated showcase on #3 fairway

$549,000 10 Pinnacle View Cove – On the water in the Ranch

$425,000 108 Osage Drive – .5 acre with mountain view – Osage Falls

$399,000 331 Chenal Woods – Condo with view of Chenal Country Club

$369,000 13 Choctaw Cove – cul-de-sac with pond in Maumelle

$319,000 22  Glasgow Court – Villages of Wellington open floor pan

$225,000 41 Windson Court – Renovated townhome with courtyard fountain

$189,500 217 Chantilly – updated Country Club of AR, cul-de-sac

$185,000 2 Kings Court – Updated backyard oasis, waterfall, koi pond

$35,000 to $49,000 – Turtle Creek Residential lots