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American Dreams: Baumans & Walker Brothers

   His pragmatic approach to business makes Thomas Cole a leader in men’s fine clothing. Whether it’s Walker Brothers in Northwest Arkansas or Baumans in Central Arkansas, clients know what to expect. “Our business model has and will always be, to serve people well.” 

   Fashion is an integral part of the Cole family legacy. “Our store’s history began in 1903 with my great grandparents in small town Arkansas.  My father continued the business in Northwest Arkansas and we were blessed to be a part of Bauman’s for the last few years.” Thomas believes the success and longevity of their family business is the result of the service their team of industry experts provides to clients. 

  Each store has a distinct style and an impeccable inventory of the most current, international trends. Thomas encourages his team as well as clients, “Never be afraid to grow or change.” This translates into a company culture that makes Bauman’s a great place to work. “After spending nearly 10 years working in the wholesale side of the fashion industry in New York, coming back to Little Rock and Baumans during this time of transition and growth has been amazing,” Buyer Brian Cook elaborates. “I am very excited about the next chapter of our business and looking forward to taking this legendary retailer to even greater heights.” Store Manager Myron Yancy adds, “I’m beyond thrilled to be part of a team that continues to deliver some of the best goods and services in our industry. Baumans is a vital pillar in this community, and is necessary for all current and future residents of Arkansas.”

   Thomas reflects, “I always remember my father’s advice, passed down to him from his grandmother: watch every penny, serve people well and the business will take care of itself.” For more than two decades, this intention has proven to be a success – today the family business includes three stores across the state.


Baumans Fine Men’s Clothing | 8201 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock | 501.227.8797

Walker Brothers | 577 Millsap, Fayetteville | 479.521.0077  & 5100 W Pauline Whitaker Pkwy, Rogers | 479.319.6722



Owner Thomas Cole | Photography by Jamison Mosley

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