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American Dreams: Doe’s Eat Place

“There’s always something good cooking at Doe’s!”

   Katherine Eldridge, president + owner of Doe’s Eat Place, likes to keep business simple. The no frills dining experience coupled with Southern hospitality showcases the cuisine and character of the South at its best. It’s recognized as a treasure trove of history and good times, with a business philosophy that truly resonates. “Treat everyone that walks through the door like family,” and they have been doing that for 33 years, employees and customers alike.

   The Eldridge family opened Doe’s Eat Place in Little Rock in 1988, making it the first eatery outside of the original Mississippi establishment. The world-class steaks and other assorted eats are impressive enough to earn notoriety, but loyal celebrity diners have also contributed to the folklore of Doe’s. Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992 placed Doe’s in the national spotlight as the backdrop for campaign meetings, interviews and celebrations. From entertainers to journalists as well as professional athletes, colorful guests throughout the years have made this little place on the corner a haven of good times and vault of history. Memorabilia graces the walls like a time capsule.

   Despite familiarity with the famous, the unpretentious atmosphere welcomes families and locals for any occasion. Where else in town can you get award winning steak – T-bone, porterhouse or sirloin – by the pound and served family-style? The kitchen serves four dining areas with reasonably priced tasty offerings. Don’t let the prices fool you – Doe’s Eat Place has been a finalist in the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame for three years, with awards for best steak, cheeseburgers, tamales and catfish. The distinctly delicious and always entertaining menu + crew bring back the regulars – celebrities or not – with an undeniable Southern comfort that remains a classic.

1023 W Markham St, Little Rock | 501.376.1195 | doeseatplacelr.com

Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

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