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American Dreams: Hurst Law Group

Photography by Jeff Fuller-Freeman

‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’these powerful words are uniquely and undeniably American. This American Dreams series features ordinary people with extraordinary stories of success and advice for making the most of your dreams. It reiterates the importance of shop local + share local, a part of our culture that makes Central Arkansas unique.

Q. Byrum Hurst, Principal Attorney at Hurst Law Group, places a premium on three things: his family, his clients and justice.

“The firm’s mission is to deliver the best legal services possible, to represent our clients’ interests and to promote justice.”

Established by his father, Q. Byrum assumed leadership of the practice in 1974. Today, Hurst Law Group is comprised of four attorneys: Q. Byrum Hurst, his sons Josh and Justin Hurst and Mary Beth Chapman – with a combined total of more than nine decades of experience.

Q. Byrum and the team prove their dedication to justice and their clients by exceeding expectations and creating authentic relationships. “We don’t look at our legal practices as just a means for income or to make a living. We think it is important that we really care about our clients, their legal issues and try to represent them in a professional manner, but also let them know that we are people who are sincere about our clients’ legal problems and needs,” he explains.  “I would probably advise other entrepreneurs to concentrate less on gaining income and more on providing good service. That way, the income should take care of itself.”

At the encouragement of his grandfather, Byrum reflects on the Bible for guidance in his practice and in daily life. “When I get discouraged, I often read Proverbs 8, which has been a guide for me and states: ‘Speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.’” 

Business Philosophy: to thoroughly know our clients

Must-Have Business Tool: iPhone

Self-Described: intense

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