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American Dreams: Matmon Internet, Inc.

Photography by Aaron Brewer

‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’these powerful words are uniquely and undeniably American. This American Dreams series features ordinary people with extraordinary stories of success and advice for making the most of your dreams. It reiterates the importance of shop local + share local, a part of our culture that makes Central Arkansas unique.

‘Matmon’ is the Hebrew word for ‘hidden treasure.’

Matmon in the Captial City – a local award-winning website design and brand agency – supports local businesses with clear, concise marketing strategies.

Matt Olson and his team of experts take “let’s make you awesome” seriously – helping clients realize their potential.

Matmon Founder & CEO Matt Olson recognizes that many small businesses have a unique product or service – a ‘treasure’ – but don’t necessarily have the resources to properly promote it. In partnership, Matmon develops a plan that puts that ‘hidden treasure’ on brilliant display. “We’re the perfect fit for awesome companies that want their website, marketing mix and advertising to be awesome as well,” Matt notes.

Matmon boasts an impressive resume, with 3,000 completed projects – ranging from beloved local institutions such as B. Barnett, Good Earth Garden Center and Smile Dailey Dental Center to nationally-recognized names including Papa Johns and Acxiom.

A primary reason for continued success – for Matmon and its clients – is the intentional company structure. “The Matmon team consists of a unique combination of genius developers, creative designers and marketers,” Matt explains. “Collaboration is at the core of our company culture.  Being collaborative is no longer something that’s ‘just nice to have,’ but an essential ingredient to success. Which is why we engage our developers, designers, marketing specialists, etc. in all stages of a project. There are no walls separating these departments…literally.”  Matt says “removing the boundaries between creative and technical” helps to get “the best ideas out on the table.”

Best Business Advice: always hire people that are better than you

Must-Have Business Tool: computers and the Internet

Self-Described: determined

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