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American Dreams: The Shot Clinic

Photography by Caleb Shane | Hair by Caitlyn Neumann with Face Your Day Salon makeup by Aaron Perkins with Face Your Day Salon

‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’these powerful words are uniquely and undeniably American. This American Dreams series features ordinary people with extraordinary stories of success and advice for making the most of your dreams. It reiterates the importance of shop local + share local, a part of our culture that makes Central Arkansas unique.

To be and stay well, make a visit to the folks at The Shot Clinic—it only takes about five minutes.

This is because convenience for customers is the highest priority for founder and owner Kara Wright. “We like offering a much-needed service to the community, and so many people are on-the-go these days, you want to have something that’s convenient and fast service and keeps everybody well.” 

Inspiration for her business came about while she was traveling and noticed a unique type of walk-in clinic, which the Shot Clinic now models. “I realized that if operated correctly, this would provide a much-needed service in our community.”

The Shot Clinic offers immunizations, drug testing, vaccinations and wellness shots, among other services. One of the ways TSC maximizes convenience for its customers is by going on-site to businesses, churches and schools for groups exceeding ten people.

Kara says that there is no set day-in-the-life schedule as a small business owner. “Every day is different…I may be traveling one day, I may be in the clinic the next, and I may be on-site at a buisiness the next.” 

Even though the day-to-day changes for Kara, one thing that remains constant is her life philosophy, by which she conducts herself.

“My dad always told me to be ethical and honest, and he’s always told me you want to be able to look yourself in the mirror every morning – if you can do that, you know you’re doing business right.”

Business Philosophy: always be ethical, loyal and honest

Must-Have Business Tool: a positive attitude everyday

Self-Described: energetic

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