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American Dreams: For StellaJames

Photography by Emily Segrest

‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’these powerful words are uniquely and undeniably American. This American Dreams series features ordinary people with extraordinary stories of success and advice for making the most of your dreams. It reiterates the importance of shop local + share local, a part of our culture that makes Central Arkansas unique.

Madison Strode believes personal style is a lifestyle, “It should represent truth and originality.”

Becoming a mom brought new inspiration to her passion for fashion. “I wanted to connect with other moms, women and people in general. My life is pretty relatable, but my daughter makes it sparkle every hour of the day.” With this revelation, Madison introduced For StellaJames – a blog that showcases her commitment to family with an undeniable flair for the fabulous. From fashion to motherhood, marriage and home décor – her daughter Stella gives it purpose and pizazz.

This Little Rock native made the Lone Star state her home after meeting her husband at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. They share their time between the family ranch in West Texas and their home in Highland Park. Their adventures include trips to the park, aquarium and arboretum. “The blog is the perfect place to share what is meaningful and really matters.”

For StellaJames is more than wardrobe recommendations – ranging from couture splurges to affordable must-haves – it’s filled with warmth and tenderness for her family and followers. She relishes the opportunity to cultivate ideas with friends and “pick the people you share your dreams with.” Madison hopes it encourages her daughter to follow her dreams in life and find her own definition for success. In her pursuit of individuality as a beacon for Stella and other women, she recognizes the essence and value in each spirit. “You are your own kind of special, and if you follow that light, people will be drawn to it!”

Business Philosophy: go for it

Must-Have Business Tool: Instagram!

Self-Described: blessed

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