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AR-T’s Custom Tees & Gift Shop Gift Guide


   This small business boasts BIG ideas! From custom design t-shirts to perfectly silly + sassy gifts, the well-curated shop offers unique items that are guaranteed to dazzle and delight this holiday season. Here are a few of our favorites from AR-T’s


AR Cap

our most popular sweatshirt design is now available on a hat 


Hand Candles

fan favorite – multiple hand gestures and colors available

Natural winners and peace lovers agree – there’s no better candle than this beautiful, handmade, life-sized V candle. Comes in different colors. Packaged like a winner, as real as the heart of a hippy.


Dip Dye Neon Candles

three lovingly hand-dyed dinner candles in neon look

The colors remain the same, but the patterns vary for each candle, making them unique. Dyed in cooperation with social institutions in the beautiful foothills of the Alps. Carefully selected paraffin from regional production in Bavaria.


Red Lips Ashtray

this adorable container is multi-purpose – can be used as an ashtray, to hold favorite trinkets and more


Artisanal Knot Soap

beautiful works of art that happen to be soaps

Handmade by Lex Pott in the Netherlands with the best possible natural ingredients, the idea for the soap came from extrusion. He believes that soaps can also be more sculptural and ergonomic, he made the soap in a knot shape (NOEUD in French).

AR-T’s Custom Tees & Gift Shop Gift Guide

1218 Main St – Little Rock, AR – 72202

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