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ARClothMasks = Made by Lisa Ferrell and Jim Jackson

By Mandy Stanage Shoptaw

In the heart of Arkansas, Tian Yuan (TY) Garments-US has been producing clothing items for sports brands Adidas and Reebok for years, but with the national health crisis TY has pivoted and their Little Rock factory is making face coverings. TY Garments has partnered with Lisa Ferrell and Jim Jackson, lifelong Arkansans, to create ARClothMasks.

“It was a natural step for TY, says Lisa Ferrell, president of ARClothMasks. “Once the CDC recommended face coverings as an ongoing way to slow the spread of the virus we knew we could help. The masks are made of triple-layer 100% cotton so they exceed federal recommendations.”

While masks are available to the general public through www.ARClothMasks.com, TY is focused on corporate and government orders. TY’s long partnership with Adidas makes them capable of a high production volume.

“These masks are ideal for anyone, but specifically restaurant employees, retail workers, and others who will be dealing with the public now and in the near future,” says Jim Jackson, vice president of ARClothMasks. “Masks can be customized with government or corporate logos so employees can be easily identified. It’s a great way for a business or organization to add to their branding. We’ve even had companies purchase masks as thank you gifts for clients.”

You can see the work of Arkansas Cloth Masks across the state already as Central Arkansas Water, North Little Rock Electric, City of Hot Springs, Easter Seals, Windstream, Con Agra, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the Arkansas Transit Association have placed orders. Sales are not limited to Arkansas, however, and can be shipped nationwide.

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