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Arkansas Rice – Isbell Farms

Photography by SARA REEVES

Isbell Farms is a multi-generational family rice farm in Humnoke, Arkansas. The vision to “simply do the right thing and do it well” is an integral part of the culture and future of business. Today, it’s often referred to as sustainability – as a steward of the land, Isbell Farms considers this a civic responsibility. Simply stated, the focus of Isbell Farms is Family, Innovation, and Sustainability.

Isbell Farms grows many rice varieties, including long, medium, and short grains. With more than 70 years of experience, Isbell Farms shifted focus to cultivating more unique varieties like sake rice. Recognized as the first to produce sake rice in the Western Hemisphere, Isbell Farms grows century-old varieties such as the king of sake rice, Yamada Nishiki, as well as Omachi, Watari Bune, and Gohyakumangoku. Isbell Farms finds itself situated at almost the identical latitude of Japan’s premiere sake-growing region, the Hyogo prefecture, making it the perfect location to grow these premium sake varieties. 

Isbell Farms proudly provides rice to Origami Sake and celebrates the first “field to glass” Arkansas sake.

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