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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness – these powerful words are uniquely and undeniably American.

From our civil servants to business leaders, we honor those who capture the essence of our country’s independence and the opportunities it provides – they make living + giving in Central Arkansas something to celebrate.

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Seventy years in the industry is not a small mountain to climb in the construction world.  Baldwin & Shell is at the top celebrating its 70th anniversary. President & CEO Scott Copas says, “we are certainly proud of the past but keenly focused on the future. Our company is more relationship driven than ever; not only are we known for building relationships with our clients – we recognize that those relationships are created by our people and continually provide them the skills, confidence and recognition to build solid foundations with our clients.” Since Scott took the helm in 2014, the company has significantly increased revenue, but he is proudest of the leadership he is “building and developing” within their own walls. “Our clients depend upon us for our service, quality and budgeting expertise.  However, we can only provide these services if we provide our employees solid opportunities to grow and succeed.” Copas said. “We are blessed to have a stellar group of people who truly care about our clients and make our philosophy of building relationships a priority.” Integrity is a critical component of the company’s values and philosophy. Baldwin & Shell is known as a construction firm that clients trust, and because of that reputation and their long admired philanthropic and civic commitment to the community they have an 85% client retention rate.

Best Business Advice: “Honor past accomplishments, but stay focused on the future.”
Business Philosophy: build and maintain lasting relationships
Must-Have Business Tool: “A diverse team committed to clients, each other, the community and the company.”
Self-Described: committed to employee success

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Instagram: @baldwinandshell
Twitter: @baldwinshell

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