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The Breast Center at CARTI features the most leading-edge technologies, including 3D mammography with a SmartCurve paddle for a more comfortable exam.

The 3D mammography machine takes a high resolution 3D image and reconstructs it in 2D, allowing for a faster exam, less time in compression and as much as a 40% reduction in radiation exposure. The SmartCurve paddle is curved like the breast, which allows for more comfortable compression and a more inclusive visualization of all of the breast tissue.

When comparing the technology of a standard 2D mammogram with that of a 3D unit, Dr. Smith-Foley, breast imaging specialist at The Breast Center at CARTI, uses the analogy of a book. “While a 2D image only allows you to see the cover of the book, a 3D image allows you to look at specific details on individual, interior pages,” Smith-Foley said. “By taking a deeper look at the breast, 3D digital mammography increases detection in women age 50 and younger, pre- and peri-menopausal women and women with dense breast tissue for whom traditional mammography is less sensitive.”

Additionally, 3D mammograms reduce the number of false positives, which reduces unnecessary follow-up testing and anxiety for patients.

With the most advanced technologies at the center of its standard of care, The Breast Center at CARTI provides world-class care for patients who are proactively concentrating on breast health as part of their overall wellness. 

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