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Designer’s Choice Fashion Preview – Meet the Designers

Hosted by Timmons Arts Foundation, Designers Choice Fashion Preview showcases creations by nationally-recognized designers < with a heart for Arkansas > combining the best of fashion + artistry for an unforgettable extravaganza. Proceeds from the evening’s festivities support the Timmons Arts Foundation Cultivating the Arts Youth Summer Camp – providing children from underserved communities an opportunity to experience the arts through educational and enrichment programs. The Timmons Arts Foundation is dedicated to promoting + cultivating the arts in Central Arkansas – nurturing the talent of artists through its support of the arts in local schools and afterschool programs.


Ty Jackson, Tidy & Ty

Self-Described – INFLUENCER

Signature Product –  kids fashion

Business Inspiration – my son Titus who I adopted when he was 7 months old 


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Jayla Lee, 4ME by Jayla Lee

Self-Described – PASSIONATE

Signature Product – ready to wear clothing

Business Inspiration – I started my business when I was 16 years old, and the style of my peers and myself are what inspired me. We all wanted fashion that was customized to our own individual styles and I knew that I was the one that could do that for us.

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Cortez Miles, I and I

Self-Described – RESILIENT

Signature Product – bags

Business Inspiration – I grew up rough, so I had to make do. One day my grandmother bought me five pairs of the same pants… long story short, I had five pair of new pants.

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Felix Milton Jr., By Felix Milton

Self-Described – TRAILBLAZER

Signature Product –  bolted suits

Business Inspiration – to achieve financial freedom while doing something I love


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Korto Momolu

Self-Described – DOPE!

Signature Product – Afro Bohemian chic women’s wear

Business Inspiration – inclusivity



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Tremaine Pollydore, Maine Attraction by Tpollydesigns

Self-Described – BLESSED

Signature Product – kimonos

Business Inspiration – my mother & Korto Momolu



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Tiffany Pippins, TiffanyRo LLC 

Self-Described – JOY, I’m a Fashion Stylist 

Signature Product – elevated fashion through the art of crochet

Business Inspiration –

Since I was a little girl I’ve  always loved fashion. Once COVID hit, it forced me to put my life into perspective and living life on purpose and in peace. 
In November of 2021, I walked away from a job that was mentally and emotionally draining and decided to take a chance on myself. From that one step of faith I’ve been able to style some of the top executives of Fortune 500 companies, my work has been  featured in “Vogue” and I’ve been invited to speak at a retreat. I’m also one of the creative directors of a lifestyle brand. Although being an entrepreneur can be sometimes stressful and unsure, I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey and how I’ve gotten this far. 
So, I would say my inspiration to start TiffanyRo’ LLC  was to first show and prove to myself that I can and to show people that when you have ultimate confidence, lead with transparency and truth then  things start to just align in our life. No one person’s journey is the same, but the common force that drives us is what gives us that sense of purpose and for me, that happens when I serve others through my gifts of fashion. 
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