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EDITOR’S PICK: Lasercare Skin Clinic – Sensational Summer Skincare

Radiant skin is a must for summertime fun… Now is the time for a flawless + luminous appearance and making the most beautiful memories. Gathering with friends and family (finally) this season is perfect excuse to overhaul a skincare routine and transform skin for a lifetime. Preventive aging resources are the best and most natural remedy for skin imperfections.

Here are some innovative non-invasive beauty basics to consider –
Sensational Skin Takes Time: Plan a skincare strategy that includes time to adapt and adjust – all skin types are particular and seasonal changes affect each type differently.
Skincare – From Head to Toe:  Feeling fabulous is a full body experience – SculpSure targets trouble spots + areas that seems resistant to diet and exercise.
Consume Super Foods + Lots of Water: Skin craves hydration and nutrition – incorporate nature’s best variety of snacks (fruits and vegetables) into daily meals and reach for the H2O (it’s filling and refreshing)

Portfolio of Services –
EMK Products: a secret to the stars from Beverly Hills to New York, offered exclusively across the mid-South by Lasercare Skin Clinic
Ultherapy: non-invasive facelift – the power of ultrasound works deep below the skin’s surface, reviving and creating new collagen
Oxylight: micro-current and wavelengths of light are used to promote collagen production and oxygenate + tighten skin
Venus Viva: decreases visible pores and textural irregularities for a refined complexion through skin resurfacing and facial remodeling

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