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Guilds & Glamour: Redefining Arts Subscriptions for a Modern Audience

Opera In The Rock recently launched a New Member Guild Program to create a more robust opera experience for Arkansans. Turning the traditional opera guild model on its head by combining affordable monthly pledges with full-access event packages, the result is a membership program that gives supporters of the arts a more modern approach to sustainable support. Executive Director Kate Sain share insight about the New OITR Member Guild Program and why 2021 is the ideal time to introduce this new model.

Why form a “guild” instead of a more traditional arts membership and why now?

Kate: First and foremost, a guild is made of people and the traditional guild model has been successfully harnessed by opera houses worldwide for nearly 90 years. In fact, it was The Metropolitan Opera that first created the concept of an “opera guild” in 1935 when faced with the funding insecurities presented during The Great Depression. The Met knew it would need to organize its supporters to help drive fundraising and volunteer efforts despite the economic downturn.

Fast forward to 2021 and the post-pandemic challenges facing the arts are on an equal, perhaps even greater, scale. Art and music and the social outlet the performing arts provide will be an invaluable healing tool. We knew we needed to find a way to expand arts access to our community while simultaneously generating sustainable support for the organization.

What’s the primary mission for the New OITR Member Guild?

Kate: Quite simply, it’s to help us build future audiences. Our hope is to bring people together that are eager to engage at a more integral level in the Arkansas performing arts community, whether you are partial to opera or simply love all that the performing arts have to offer – we hope you’ll join us as we celebrate opera, our community, and the future.


Can you explain the new “Future Audience Tickets” benefit? 

Kate: A key part of our mission is to build future audiences for opera as an art form, and it was important that we find a way to really put that mission to work in our Member Guild program, and one of the ways we did this was through our new Future Audience Tickets that are included at every level of membership. These tickets are unique to our program and are valid for any mainstage OITR season production. By including this gift to members, we hope that they will give the gift of opera forward to friends in the community.

OITR Guild Memberships begin at $12 per month with tiered pricing options that include expanded ticketing season packages. All members will receive access to the upcoming Members Guild Brunch virtual extravaganza on Sunday, May 23rd, plus early ticket access to upcoming special events, OITR Member Guild swag, and more. Visit www.oitr.org/guild to view full membership details and join today!

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