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It All Begins with a Ring

Engagement ring shopping isn’t what it used to be – with all of today’s information at your fingertips, and with a myriad of styles and brands of rings that are offered today – the decision of which one can be baffling. 60 years ago there was little choice in the matter. A gentleman would visit the local jeweler where only a few box sets were displayed at the counter. With fewer choices, the chances of getting it right were much higher.
Unfortunately, many men use the same process today as they did 60 years ago, despite thousands of options and information out there. Multiple brand names, styles, different metals to choose from, and numerous diamond shapes are only a few of the qualities to consider. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and surrender without the perfect selection in hand. This hurried buying process contributes to the almost 70 percent of women disliking their ring.
Marriage is one of life’s most important decisions and one of the first decisions the couple makes together is their ring set. This ring selection process can symbolize a couple’s love and set the tone for a great long-lasting marriage. Communicate upfront the desired style and brand of ring, and even the shape of diamond. It may take more than simply sending pictures to encourage the right decision. A test drive on the bride-to-be’s hand in store to see how the ring looks will help both parties know that this first decision in their journey begins in harmony.
Once you have come together and decided on the perfect ring and diamond, now look into your financing options. Financing is almost always required for all or a portion of every ring purchase and is often decided on the front end of the process.  There are several financing plans that will fit your needs and result in a payment that is comfortable for your lifestyle. At Jones & Son we have multiple options, including longer term financing from three to five years, as well as the traditional 12 month no interest financing. The longer terms can reduce the payments by as much as 70% below a 12 month no interest program.
Arrive together, shop together, and communicate throughout the whole process. You’ll be glad you did.
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