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Jones & Son Fine Jewelry: VAHAN

What is it that makes VAHAN unique and luxurious? What is the secret that has helped VAHAN endure for 50 years? Well it’s no secret; it is quality and comfort. Starting from hand-drawn sketches, each piece of jewelry is designed and produced in the USA. VAHAN was founded in 1968 by classically trained French Designer Sacha Der Calousdian. From a modest, one man, Manhattan based studio, Sacha has grown the company into a leading American made, family run jewelry brand. VAHAN is renowned for their bracelets. The designs are polished and timeless. Their collections of stacked bracelets complement the natural beauty and style of today’s woman. The jewelry is an intricate combination of brilliant 14k gold with sterling silver, accented with diamonds and semi- precious stones and pearls.
VAHAN designs are easily recognized by the gold crown petals and uniquely textured bracelet bands known as moiré beaded. This look sets it apart from other brands. All VAHAN bracelets are made flat along the inside to ensure absolute comfort without sacrificing style. In addition, they are oval shaped rather than circular to prevent the bracelets from rolling over. This keeps the most eye-catching part of the bracelet facing up. All bands are flexible for ease of wear, and highly resilient.

Market Place Shopping Center – 11121 N Rodney Parham Rd, Little Rock, AR 72212 | (855) 901-7464

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