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Linda Harding

   Linda Harding is a fine art photographic artist. She uses her camera as a tool to capture landscapes and unique human forms, and then her computer as her darkroom where she can elaborate on what she sees. Linda describes, “In my images, my goal is to pull the viewer into the image, as if jumping into another dimension. My hope is the viewer sees the painterly quality, with surrealism as a purposeful, mystical, ethereal style.” Through this concept, Linda allows the observer to experience an alternative reality.  “Hence, the viewers imagining their own story, as if he or she were living in the image. After all, we all have a story to tell and every image has a story.”

   For many artists, they are frequently asked “Where does your inspiration come from?”. For Linda, inspiration is more of an abstract feeling. “Focusing on my passion for photographic art helps my journey in creativity and artistic inspiration develop and grow.” However, by working in her community, she finds herself motivated by local nonprofits – one being the Thea Foundation. Linda explains, “Every year, Thea helps Arkansas teachers maintain the arts in the classroom as well as implementing art programs in local schools.” In addition to their art programs, Thea awards scholarships to young adults wanting to attend college. Moved by this mission, Linda and her husband Rush became involved. Through their support, a scholarship was founded whom they named after a young woman of a local fashion store in Little Rock.

   With her inspiration overflowing, Linda’s work is equally bountiful. Recently involved with Opus Ball, Linda was commissioned for the event’s live and silent auction in November. “The four seasons are being highlighted,” she begins explaining her pieces. “Two images are focusing on a new series – Rebirth…A Different Perspective. I will be blurring the lines in seeing what is real or imagined and how the fantasy applies to reality.”

   Regarding Linda’s future, she was appointed by Governor Hutchinson to the Kennedy Center Foundation for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C this year. “Their focus advocates education initiatives throughout the United States.  Although based in D.C., we are all connected by striving to make art accessible to everyone across the United States.” Driven by her undeniable love for art, Linda continues to grow through local organizations, as well as foundations like the Kennedy Center. “As I learn more about the educational opportunity presented to me, it allows me to reimagine ways of presenting arts in our community. I believe in the power of inspiration, imagination for what we aspire as individuals, a community and state.”   

A. Wild and Free / Photograph

B. Great Snowy Egret / Photograph

C. Beneath the Surface / Photograph

D. Phoenix / Photograph

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