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Lost Forty Punchy Strawberry Blackberry Spritz

Photography by Dero Sanford

Beat ’em to the PUNCH-bowl with this refreshing Lost Forty cocktail recipe – featuring Punchy hard seltzers, very berry fruits + FUN!

Punchy Strawberry Blackberry Spritz – A laid back, low ABV sipper



  • Wash & Chop 2 strawberries + 3 blackberries – add fruit to the bottom of the glass and muddle/crush it
  • Add a splash of Rose’s Grenadine Syrup
  • Fill the cup with ice
  • Pour Punchy Strawberry-Blackberry Hard Seltzer over ice, fruit and syrup
  • Add a splash of syrup to the top of the finished spritz – creating a delicious ombre effect
  • Add a cocktail pick full of fresh berries & a striped paper straw for a colorful, festive flair

Whether with fanciful fruits or simply poured on ice, try the Lost Forty Punchy Strawberry Blackberry Spritz for a TWIST that makes this beverage tooty + fruity delicious…

Lost Forty Brewing | 501 Byrd St, Little Rock | 501.319.7275

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