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Knowledge and expertise defines O’Looney’s Wine & Liquor from other retailers. Offering wines, beers and spirits with an intent that is clear – providing expertise to inform, educate and enthusiastically recommend wonderful beverages for every occasion. Jonathan Looney and his team are on a mission to make the ordinary extraordinary.

 Here are a few picks for the season….

Empress Gin:

–  all organic
–  big bold juniper and heady citrus make up the majority of its aroma
–  deep indigo hue changes to bright lavender, soft pink or fuchsia depending on the mixer




Smoke Wagon Vodka:

–  produced from 100% corn (It’s gluten free!)
–  made in America; same distillery offers whiskey
–  creamy + smooth on the palate, touch of corn and a gentle sweetness, little to no burn





Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey:

–  named after the formerly enslaved man, Nathan “Nearest” Green, who taught a young Jack Daniel the craft of distilling
–  soft enough to sip neat and the flavor is robust enough to carry through an old fashioned or any other whiskey cocktail
–  blend of premium aged whiskies between 8 and 14 years old




 Try this cocktail concoction at the next gathering – it’s sure to delight…

 Empress Gin Strawberry Basil Smash


–  5 oz Empress Gin
–  2 oz lemon juice
–  .5 oz simple syrup
–  2 strawberries – halved
–  3 basil leaves + more for garnish


–  muddle the strawberries and basil at the bottom of a glass
–  add ice, lemon juice and syrup
–  top with Empress gin for color changing effect
–  stir and ENJOY

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