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Porch Swing Farms Delivers the Goods

With just a little bit of land and lots of love, Porch Swing Farms delivers the deliciousness in so many fresh ways. Michele prepared the pork chops to perfection and enjoyed the magical pimento cheese! Here’s her recipe featuring Porch Swing Farms pork chops that is equal parts extraordinary + easy…

Honey Garlic Center Cut Bone-In Pork Chops

Weber Honey Garlic Rub – rub generously on both sides

Mist with olive oil

Marinate at least one hour

Grill in aluminum foil pan – 10 minutes each side – drizzle with balsamic glaze; served with spaghetti squash + cherry tomatoes and cold white wine.

   Porch Swing Farms is a sustainable small farm committed to providing good-looking, delicious goods that customers can feel good about eating. It’s the only producer-supplier in Central Arkansas that offers pork products made with Gloucestershire Old Spots—the same heritage hogs served to the Queen of England—along with fan favorites like fresh eggs, pimento cheese, nuts, pickles, and more. Find Porch Swing Farms at the Bernice Garden, Hillcrest, and Little Rock Farmers’ Markets and at porchswingfarms.com, where you can get free Saturday delivery with a $25 purchase.


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