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   Celebrity Attractions is bringing BLUE MAN GROUP to Little Rock September 9th-11th as part of its 2022-2023 Broadway Season at Robinson Center.  Adam Zuick has been living the dream of being a Blue Man since 2013 and couldn’t be more excited to be back on the road.  He sat down for a short interview to talk about being in the show…

What was your path to becoming a professional actor/musician?

   All of my experience with the performing arts started in high school. I took piano class, was in the concert choir, and started performing in the stage productions. I did mostly musical theater up until I started with Blue Man. I didn’t have any experience drumming prior to Blue Man so they gave me drum lessons so I could play the show.

What was the audition process like for this show?

   The audition was definitely the strangest audition I have ever been to. The first steps involve looking into people’s eyes and expressing certain emotions. From there, it builds into having some kind of scenario that requires expressing multiple different emotions. Of course, all of this is done solely through the eyes. After that, you are usually given group exercises to see how you are able to communicate and express yourself silently with two other auditionees. This is where you truly get to dive into the blue man idea of three-as-one.

   What’s your favorite part about touring the country with BLUE MAN GROUP?

   My favorite part of touring is experiencing the different cities. Interacting with people from different backgrounds that are all unique and creating a space where everyone feels connected and closer to each other. It is truly a different experience every night on the road, and that just adds to the magic of Blue Man.

   What has the audience reaction been to this show?

   The audience response has been amazing. There are so many moments that we get to directly interact with the audience in this show. This creates so many unplanned and unique moments and the audiences are really enjoying that.

   What’s the process like to turn into a blue man every night? How long does it take you to transform?

   The process starts when we arrive at the venue. After exploring the venue, we have 45 minutes to sound check the instruments and jam with the band. This is when we really get to vibe with each other and set the tone for the entire night. Once the sound check is over, we have 45 minutes to transform into Blue Men. This process involves a lot of custom products made specifically for Blue Man. Although we are putting products on, we really are using this time to take off layers to embrace our inner innocent, playful, child-like selves.

   What item can’t you live without while on tour?

   This is a tough one. There are a lot of items I have found to be integral to touring life. The most recent addition is a gallon sized insulated water bottle. Sometimes good, filtered water is hard to find while on the road. Having a heavy duty, gallon sized jug means I always have a reserve of good drinking water.

   If you weren’t an actor/musician, what profession would you pursue? 

   If I weren’t in the performing arts, I am not sure what I would transition to. Prior to getting into the arts, I always wanted to be a professional baseball player. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be an option anymore. I did recently get back into woodworking and would love for that to be at least an ongoing hobby.

   Describe your experience with BLUE MAN GROUP in three words.

   Dream-like, energizing, unforgettable

   Learn more about the show and get tickets at CelebrityAttractions.com.

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