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By Erin Wood with Et Alia Press

Meet 50 women who will challenge the way you think about identity, entrepreneurialism, community, and what it takes to lead a creative life in Women Make Arkansas: Conversations with 50 Creatives by Erin Wood. Silver medalist for 2019 Best Nonfiction South from the Independent Publisher Book Awards and selected by Arkansas Center for the Book as a “2019 Arkansas Gem,” this book’s bold creatives are guaranteed to help women and girls step into their own creative freedom this summer and beyond. Paperback, $28.95

This summer, peek under leaf litter, learn to identify what flies across your path, listen for sounds on summer nights, study insect weaponry and mimicry, and prepare for your woodland walks to be forever changed. Naturalists and teachers Norman and Cheryl Lavers know that if people had any idea how intricate and fascinating the life stories of insects can be, they might stop swatting. Readers will be riveted by incredible images taken over years of careful study and stories thoughtfully collected about insects like The Fiery Searcher, The Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle, and the Ambush Bug. Paperback, $26.95   

Those eager to support those driving the food scene in the heart of The Natural State will love Rooted: Central Arkansas Table & Farm by Lacey Thacker and Sara Mitchell. Committed carnivores and veggie lovers alike will more intimately understand and appreciate the locavore foodways of Central Arkansas as Rooted unearths the stories of two dozen farmers, artisanal food producers, and restaurants. Paperback, $26.95


Look for the new release of the first book from financial wellness national speaker Sarah-Catherine Gutierrez (aka “Ladysplaining Money”). Unlike other budgeting books that hinge on self-judgment and financial deprivation, But First, Save 10 teaches a simple system designed to yield abundance and joy. Plan retirement on your own terms and buck that unfulfilling job or start your dream business – this pay yourself first system is your ticket to a life of true freedom, however you define it. Paperback, $17.95

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