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The Heart of the CareLink Mission – Mandi Mason

Mandi Mason, RN, CareLink’s HomeCare Training & Compliance Nurse| Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

At the Heart of the CareLink Mission… Supporting Older Arkansans Quality In-Home Care

   Throughout life, many of us are always looking for new opportunities to master more skills and relish in our accomplishments. We do not consider the day will come when we can no longer care for ourselves. And when it does, there’s sometimes a question of who can help. There’s where the services CareLink provides become a resource for many Central Arkansas families. CareLink HomeCare Training & Compliance Nurse Mandi Mason knows the critical support the organization provides through its diverse and meaningful programs.

   Mandi Mason joined CareLink in the midst of the pandemic. With more than 10 years of experience, she acclimated quickly. Working closely with CareLink caregivers and the HomeCare team, Mandi shares her standards of excellence with others – encouraging compassion and skills among colleagues Central Arkansas’ Area Agency on Aging.

   Her attention to detail as well as expectations for timeliness and character, impress new caregivers with the importance of the work they’re doing; which helps older people stay in their home.I’m not just training these men and women to simply do their job and meet the basic criteria for the personal care attendant certification,” Mandi explains.I’m teaching them safety, competence and confidence. I’m teaching them to think about how they carry themselves so that quality and excellent care are second nature. It’s what sets us apart.” This interaction with students doesn’t end with certification. Mandi remains in contact with each student, monitoring the intrinsic understanding and implementation of the values as well as the continued work with the HomeCare management team, qualified supervisors, the team of RNs, service coordinators and existing caregivers.

   For more than 40 years, CareLink has connected older Arkansans with resources to meet the opportunities and challenges of aging. Learn more about services and support programs – CareLink specialists are available to visit with you.

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