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The Heart of the CareLink Mission – Reema Patel

Reema Patel, RN & Nurses Supervisor | Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

At the Heart of the CareLink Mission… Supporting Older Arkansans in Home Care

   Throughout life, many of us are always looking for new opportunities to master more skills and relish in our accomplishments. We do not consider the day will come when we can no longer care for ourselves. And when it does, there’s sometimes a question of who can help. That’s where the services CareLink provides become a resource for many Central Arkansas families. Reema Patel, RN and Nurses Supervisor training CareLink’s caregivers, realizes the critical support the organization provides through its diverse and meaningful programs.

     Twelve years ago, Reema began her nursing career at a local hospital. Before joining CareLink in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Reema considered returning to a traditional hospital setting. But she soon discovered the transformative nature of home care. You get to build long-term relationships with people in home care. It also helps reduce rehospitalizations and allows people to stay where they are comfortable in their homes,” Reema explains. It’s where they thrive.” She graciously adds home care is not for everyone; it requires a generous heart, compassion and patience.

     When she’s not cultivating community connections, Reema is administering care plans and working with the various teams to provide older Arkansans with the quality care they require to remain in the comforts of home. She also trains new CareLink caregivers. As a result of a new offering with personal care attendant training partially online, Reema notes an increase in applications. “Whether they have a previous background as a caregiver or not, people are coming into the program passionate about home care.”

     For more than 40 years, CareLink has connected older Arkansans with resources to meet the opportunities and challenges of aging. Learn more about services and support programs – CareLink specialists are available to visit with you.

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