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UA Little Rock Holiday Wish List Campaign: Alumna Ashley Baker

There are more reasons this season to support the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. The Holiday Wish List Campaign reflects its pragmatic approach towards a relevant education that translates into meaningful professional opportunities and enriches the community.

Many UA Little Rock departments comprise this holiday campaign. An alumni representative for each department understands the impact and measurable results of the specific, emergent needs outlined in the wish list. Alumna Ashley Baker is an ardent ambassador for the institution and shares her insight + devotion to UA Little Rock. Join the Trojan spirit and support the campaign.

“When I started my journey through the nursing department at UA Little Rock, I had no way of knowing the profound impact that it would play upon my heart and my career in nursing. During my OB rotation, Dr. Davidson sparked a fire in my heart that would ultimately blaze my path to where I am now. I developed a passion for obstetrical care that only burned brighter throughout my early nursing career. I eventually realized to answer my calling. It was necessary to become an advanced practitioner, a certified nurse-midwife. When it was time to continue that journey by first obtaining my BSN, there was no doubt that UA Little Rock was the only possibility. Both my ADN and BSN programs were incredibly rewarding, and both heavily emphasized community-based service. A substantial component of such service starts with donating to programs such as UA Little Rock Nursing Department to help shape the future of generations that will give back to our entire community. If not for the scholarships donated through others’ generosity, I can confidently state I would not be where I am today.

I am currently a certified nurse midwife in northern Virginia but have recently accepted a CNM/APRN position at Alliance Ob/Gyn in Winter Park, Florida. I am excited to transition into this role where I will fulfill my ultimate goal of providing person-centric empowering care. I will serve a diverse population, including the LGBTQIA+ community, in a way that centers advocacy and shared decision-making at the heart of all we do.”

Photography by Stephanie McFarland 

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