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UA Little Rock Leader – Bonnie Limbird

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Why UA Little Rock?

   “For my parents, growing up in the hard times of the depression meant forgoing education beyond grade school and working to help support their families. While working hard in school was an expectation of my parents, a college education for me was something they simply had not considered; that is until my 7th grade principal made an unscheduled visit to our home to urge my parents to find a way to make college a possibility. Sometimes, the unexpected hand offered by someone who cares makes a difference; it can set you on a path that you never anticipated. 

   Fast forward… After having worked seven years at my first real job as a social service worker in the mental health field, my boss encouraged me to apply for graduate school. Like many other older, married and non-traditional students, I found that UA Little Rock was exactly where I needed to be. Quality internships, supportive classroom experiences and relationships made during that time at UA Little have supported me throughout my work life.  

   As a first generation high school and college graduate, I am grateful for the opportunity and support that UA Little Rock offers those taking their first step. UA Little Rock offers students a quality education to find their place in the community as contributors, problem solvers and effective members working to better their own families and those of their neighbors.

   During this season of giving, we have an opportunity to do something truly meaningful by opening the door for students who might need just a bit of a hand up. And it’s not just for those with deep pockets; it is for all of us.  Everyone’s gift, no matter the size, is important.”

   Affordable and relevant, a great metropolitan university is critical to the infrastructure of a vibrant city. It also requires a strong alumni association that’s engaged in civic and business leadership throughout the Capital City. UA Little Rock boasts both – with a shared vision for the future. As UA Little Rock celebrates the success of its alumni, the university and alumni reflect on the role the institution plays in the continued economic development of Central Arkansas and the wealth of knowledge is offer current students.

Bonnie Limbird
‘79, Master of Social Work

Inviting Arkansas

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