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UA Little Rock Leader – Tusty ten Bensel, Ph.D.

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Why UA Little Rock?

   UA Little Rock has an excellent criminal justice program and I wanted to attend a program that would provide me the skills to be successful in law school when I graduated; however, after taking some of the criminal justice classes I learned quickly that CJ this was going to be my career pathway. A lot of this decision was due to the mentoring and experiential learning opportunities at UA Little Rock. 

   The education I received at UA Little Rock was the foundation of my academic career. The MA program in criminal justice equipped me with the skill sets needed for a doctoral education in one of the top criminology and criminal justice programs in the country. I also use a lot of what I learned from faculty at UA Little Rock in my own classes by teaching students to think critically, be good citizens, and prepare for the field. 

   After receiving my Ph.D., I was fortunate enough to be able to come back to the university and program that initially set me on my academic journey. Now, I work with faculty who mentored me and helped shape my career. In addition, I have the opportunity to teaching and mentoring the next generation of students who are interested in learning more about criminal justice.

   My connection to UA Little Rock has opened up a number of community engagement opportunities in the field of criminal justice. From fundraising to helping agencies partners with policy changes, much of my professional life blends into my personal life as I actively work to give back to the community. 

   Affordable and relevant, a great metropolitan university is critical to the infrastructure of a vibrant city. It also requires a strong alumni association that’s engaged in civic and business leadership throughout the Capital City. UA Little Rock boasts both – with a shared vision for the future. As UA Little Rock celebrates the success of its alumni, the university and alumni reflect on the role the institution plays in the continued economic development of Central Arkansas and the wealth of knowledge is offer current students.

Tusty ten Bensel, Ph.D.

School Criminal Justice and Criminology

Director of the School of Criminal Justice and Criminology at UA Little Rock

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