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UA Little Rock Leader – Chris Meyer

Photography by Jamison Mosley

Why UA Little Rock?

   When I started working for my grandfather at his company, James A Rogers Excavating, I was manhandling a shovel and working in the ditch as a laborer.  It was best to start in this position if I wanted to grow in the industry and become respected – not just one of the family employees. After working as a laborer and learning to become an operator, I decided to go to the UA Little Rock to study Construction Management. I had researched trade schools, technical schools and other colleges, but found that UA Little Rock just fit into my schedule, with both work and school, and had everything I needed to help my grandfather with his company.

   In 2016, my grandfather approached me about retirement, and we discussed the possibility that I might purchase the company. This was a big deal to me because my grandfather started this company in 1962 and I didn’t want to disappoint him, our employees or myself. Today – we specialize in any and all excavation services, city and state roadwork, commercial projects and some residential. We have also partnered in some federal jobs.

   I still have opportunities to work with my former classmates and I check back with some of the instructors to see if there are future industry leaders attending the school. UA Little Rock helped me manage my time and realize that work is not everything.  I learned patience which helps in every situation.  

      Affordable and relevant, a great metropolitan university is critical to the infrastructure of a vibrant city. It also requires a strong alumni association that’s engaged in civic and business leadership throughout the Capital City. UA Little Rock boasts both – with a shared vision for the future. As UA Little Rock celebrates the success of its alumni, the university and alumni reflect on the role the institution plays in the continued economic development of Central Arkansas and the wealth of knowledge is offer current students.

Chris Meyer

Construction Management

James A. Rogers Excavating, Inc., owner

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