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UAMS Partners Card Celebrates the Life of Robin Dean

This year’s UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute Auxiliary Partners Card program honors the memory of Robin Dean. Robin was a dedicated volunteer at the cancer institute since the doors opened in 1989 as well as a member of the volunteer/auxiliary staff for 13 years as the coordinator of the WPRCI Auxiliary Cancer Support Center at the Family Home of Little Rock. As a courageous breast cancer patient for 10 years, Robin was a strong advocate for other breast cancer patients.

From the inception of the Partners Card fundraiser, Robin was an ardent advocate + ambassador of the annual Partners Cards – averaging 200 cards a year for 15 years.  Robin believed in the cause; She knew the money she raised would help other cancer patients as they faced diagnosis and treatment. Her thoughts were always, “How can we make this cancer journey easier for our patients?”

Robin was an integral part of the Partners Card process and a leader in the success of the program. Her efforts on behalf of others were a reflection of her generous spirit and compassionate nature. She set the example not only with Partners Card, but also in all her roles throughout the community. Robin is remembered for her tenacity and ability to lead with grace + grit. Each task assigned Robin approached with a positive attitude, a big smile and an understanding heart.

To purchase a UAMS WPRCI Partners Card visit, www.uamspartnerscard.com.

More information about the UAMS WPRCI Partners Card:

  • The card buyer purchases a Partners Card for $50
  • 100% of the $50 card purchase goes directly to the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute Auxiliary to support projects that will benefit cancer patients
  • Participating Partners Card merchants offer a generous 20% discount to cardholders from October 25 – November 3
  • Partners Cards will be accepted by all participating merchants in both Central and Northwest Arkansas

(501) 686-8286 | UamsPartnersCard@uams.edu



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