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Women in STEAM – Drew Crone

Drew Crone Lexicon Inc. Welder

Beginning Interests…I wanted to become a welder for a few reasons, but mostly because I like working with my hands. I get to see things that I build come together and contribute to something much bigger. Also, as an artist, I wanted to widen the variety of materials I could use to create. Working at Lexicon, as well as attending Arkansas Elite Welding Academy, has taught me how to better execute my artistic visions while giving me a career I enjoy. 

Love the Work…My favorite thing about welding is that, in a lot of ways, it can be very therapeutic. When you get in a groove and get more comfortable in your abilities, it’s almost relaxing. I enjoy the learning process of almost anything, and welding has given me many opportunities to learn new skills in surrounding parts of the trade. 

Surprising but True…Young women considering a STEAM career might be surprised by the environment of the industry. Women have just as many opportunities as men in these fields, regardless of whether they are male-dominated. Most people will show lots of patience with new hands and are willing to help you learn.

Advice…I hope girls know that careers in STEAM don’t have to be intimidating. Whichever route you go, there is somewhere that you will fit in and feel comfortable. Find that place, and don’t let people discourage you from having a career that you enjoy just because you don’t see many people like you in it.

These wonder women are redefining what “full STEAM ahead” means in Arkansas. With exciting careers in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics – each reflects WIT (Women in Tech) and true grit for making the most of every opportunity. Here’s to the powHER of knowledge.

Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

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