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Women in Steam – Lourdes Mahoney

Lourdes Mahoney CTEH Senior Quality Program Manager

Day at Work…No day is typical at CTEH because most of our work is in emergency response and disaster recovery. In this field, a single phone call can change everything you had planned for the day. 

Beginning Interests…My career has taken me through various roles within CTEH – from environmental scientist, project manager and health scientist to quality management. I was involved in creating our quality management department, and now I enjoy being able to apply my technical field knowledge to influence our internal processes and our work products. 

Career Evolution…I’ve always loved science and nature. I graduated with a biology major and a chemistry minor from the University of Miami. I started working in wildlife management, where I learned I love being outdoors and collecting and analyzing data. When I moved to Arkansas, I worked in a regulatory capacity before joining the world of emergency response and environmental consulting.

Surprising But True…There are a lot of women in STEAM careers, and our jobs all look very different. My network of female friends is extraordinary! Our paths have been different – we are in various phases of our careers, and we are spread geographically – but we support each other throughout the journey.  

Advice…Find a company that supports your evolving career interests and needs. Stand up for yourself, and don’t worry about being outnumbered. Don’t mute yourself to fit in. And as you grow your career, be welcoming to others and their ideas.

These wonder women are redefining what “full STEAM ahead” means in Arkansas. With exciting careers in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics – each reflects WIT (Women in Tech) and true grit for making the most of every opportunity. Here’s to the powHER of knowledge.

Photography by Lori Sparkman Photography

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