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Women in STEAM – Talina Rose Mathews

Talina Rose Mathews | Southwest Power Pool | Director of State Regulatory Policy

Day at Work…It has been quite a challenge starting a new job during a global pandemic. My position focuses mostly on education and outreach to stakeholders, so each day is different depending upon the issue. There are some regularly scheduled meetings, but by and large, my workday is ever changing. 

Beginning Interests…My interest in the energy field and electricity policy happened organically. I had a series of job duties that became more and more specialized, and it brought me to this place. I was a state energy regulator, working with other similar organizations. Working at Southwest Power Pool and interacting with state energy regulators is a different side of the same coin.

Career Evolution…With a Masters and PhD in Economics, my focus was environmental and natural resource economics. I found myself in state government working in policy analysis and policy development focused on environmental regulation. From that I moved to utility regulation, and I gained a great deal of experience with electricity policy. My current role gives me the opportunity to use technical skills as well as the tools learned in my studies. 

LOVE the Work …The dynamic nature of the industry and interaction with other energy professionals across the area served by SPP.

Surprising but True…There are a wide range of STEAM careers.  There are more fields than those of engineers and scientists.

Advice…Find a broad field that interests you. Look at your individual skills and strengths to see how they could translate into working in that broad field. Talk to people working on those issues; ask how they came to be working in the area. Cultivate relationships and seek mentors who work in and around your area of interest. Finally – don’t underestimate the importance of a wide range of experience and education, in particular learn to write and use every opportunity to practice public speaking.

These wonder women are redefining what “full STEAM ahead” means in Arkansas. With exciting careers in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics – each reflects WIT (Women in Tech) and true grit for making the most of every opportunity. Here’s to the powHER of knowledge.

Photography by Britney Logan

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