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Blog Series: Dancing with Our Stars – Meet Miles & Myleigh

Each year, community leaders put on their dancing shoes in hopes of winning the title that is earned at the Dancing with Our Stars Gala. All this fun and friendly competition among participants benefits the Children’s Tumor Foundation and supports the Arkansas chapter’s research and mission: to end and find a cure for neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that disturbs cell growth in the nervous system, causing tumors to form on nerve tissue.
CTF also provides support for children and families affected by NF. A portion of the proceeds is donated for grants to send Arkansas teens to the International NF Summer Camp held at Camp Kostopulos (Camp K).

Children's Tumor Foundation

Leading up to the grand event, we’ve been putting each star in the spotlight and introducing them on our blog, but now we get to introduce a special new feature: two NF Heroes will be performing a dance after the Stars are finished dancing. Myleigh and Miles, ages 8 and 9, will dance to the song “Walking on Sunshine.” Their dance will be the kick off for the foundation’s send-a-kid to camp campaign. All the NF Ambassadors will join them on stage and encourage guests to help NF Kids ‘walk on sunshine’ by sponsoring a kid to go to camp.

Meet Myleigh: she is an energetic, silly and sweet 7-year-old.

She loves taking care of her baby dolls, playing dress up and getting messy with all things arts-and-crafts related. Her other interests include gymnastics, reading and cooking with her mom. Myleigh has been involved with CTF for 5 years. She and her family host a Little Heroes 5K & Fall FunFest and an online lip sync battle, Syncing With Our Stars, in their community in southwest Arkansas.

“Myleigh has a way of melting anyone’s heart from the moment you meet her,” says Lesley Oslica, Arkansas Chapter President of CTF. “Those big brown eyes and her beautiful smile, in addition to her precious personality. One would never know that every day she endures migraines and other difficulties from NF. She and her family are incredible supporters in the fight against NF, and I am honored to work hand in hand with them to advance the mission to End NF.


Meet Miles: he is a spunky 9-year-old who loves all things having to do with vehicles.

He collects toy cars as well as car keys and enjoys going to car shows to see classic cars. He also enjoys music and having impromptu dance parties in the living room. He has been involved with CTF since he was two years old – even getting the honor of attending a NASCAR race and signing the NF Endurance car.

“Meeting Miles and his family during a difficult part of their NF journey was a significant reminder for me that we have to work as efficiently and diligently as possible to advance the mission to End NF,” says Lesley. “Miles is strong, funny, charming and all things that make him such a special guy. Working with their family has blessed me personally as well as the Children’s Tumor Foundation.”

Myleigh Marshall and Miles Coven with their dance team! Back row (left to right): dance assistant Hannah Hagerman, choreographer Christen Pitts and assistant Grace Pitts.


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