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Ozark Mission Project: Backyard Missions

Guest Blog by Kinlee Ferguson, 2019 OMP College Staffer, and Jack Vaughan, 2019 OMP College Staffer

We live in a world full of great need. Many times, we don’t realize the need in our own backyards. Through missions such as Ozark Mission Project, youth are presented with the opportunity to serve those in need in their own communities. Missions like OMP not only transforms the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ that we serve, but also the youth that serve them. I have watched 17-year-old high school students who never show emotion tear up while sharing a devotional with a community member they are serving. I have also seen children run home from camp on fire with Christ, ready to tell their parents all the ways they served their communities that week. Missions like these are important in order to give students and youth the opportunity to become servant leaders. We need young leaders in order to carry the future of our churches and country. These camps empower students by providing them with experiences they have never had to chance to participate in; such as building a wheelchair ramp, painting a house, or even completing simple yard work. They also interact with a wide range of people. Through this they are able to build unique, life changing relationships with people they would have never had the chance to interact with otherwise. By instilling a passion for serving others in our future leaders, we are ensuring that our world will be in good hands.

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