Dancing With Our Stars: Meet the Stars – Evans Dietz

Photo – Amy Carper, Carper Creative Photography

Each year, community leaders wear their dancing shoes for the coveted winning title that is earned at the Dancing with Our Stars Gala. All this fun and friendly competition benefits the Children’s Tumor Foundation and supports the Arkansas chapter’s research and mission: to end and find a cure for neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that disturbs cell growth in the nervous system, causing tumors to form on nerve tissue.

CTF also provides support for children and families affected by NF. A portion of gala proceeds is donated for grants to send Arkansas teens to the International NF Camp.
We’re putting each star in the spotlight and introducing them on our blog. They will compete at the Sept. 5 gala, in addition to soliciting contributions + votes prior to the event.

Evans Dietz – Owner, D&D Sun Control Inc., President, Roll N’ Wrapz LLC.

Evans and his instructor, Devin Nelson, are dancing a hip hop routine.

Q: Why did you agree to be a Dancing with Our Stars contestant?  

Hubert Barksdale, who is a great friend, has a daughter that has battled this disease for her whole life. When he asked me to help, I was more than happy to do so! My mom and dad have always told me to “give back” and I have tried to always follow this advice. So this was an easy decision for me.

A: What is has been a highlight of preparation for the big event? 

Meeting my partner Devin and my ambassador Zane – both are amazing people. Their spirit is to move and to just see Devin dance, who is a nurse and who works three jobs,  and yet gives her time so freely and unselfishly is spectacular. My CTF ambassador is a tremendous inspiration. Together they have made this experience humbling and very worthwhile. I don’t want to embarrass either one of them! Ally and Lesley are also superstars!

Evans Dietz is the owner of D&D Sun Control Inc. of 28 years and the president of Roll N’ Wrapz LLC. for the past 12 years. Having been established in North Little Rock, his businesses play a vital role in both the worlds of window tinting (automotive to commercial) and wrapping in central Arkansas. Evans graduated from Catholic High School in 1984 with a tennis scholarship to Centenary College of Louisiana where he received his bachelor degree in business finance. He also attended acting school, which resulted in appearances in small films and notably “Born on 4th of July” starring Tom Cruise.

Evans lives in Little Rock with his wife Bryan of 16 years and their adored daughter Eva, aka Eva Diva. He serves on the Board of Boys Club, is the Treasurer of Argenta City Club, and is an active member of Pleasant Valley Country Club. Evans spends his free time in the winter months duck hunting with his prized-winning standard poodles, and the warmer months on the golf course. On top of all of this, he dedicates time to his community volunteering. Evans is honored to be a part of such a great cause and is prepared to show it with his best dance moves.


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