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Dash into a Healthy Lifestyle

Guest Blog by Jessie Smith


One of the many reasons I love the Junior League of Little Rock is that one of the organizations main goal’s is to promote health and wellness in both adults and children. It’s a goal I share and hope to maintain within my family. Eating healthy and staying active is something I strive to do at least five out of seven days a week. Being a working mother of two, an active league member and board member of CARE, eating healthy and staying healthy can be a challenge. What most people don’t realize is that there are many ways to fit in exercise and easy ways to eat healthy, even for busy families like mine.


One way to get in a great free workout is to get outside and walk or run. For someone just getting started on a new routine, walking a mile or two on the river trails or even in your neighborhood is a great way to get moving. My girls love to get out on the river trails and it’s a great way to work out their extra energy. If you are interested in starting to run, I suggest running in small intervals. This will not only raise your heart rate, but get your body used to the pavement without putting too much pressure on your knees and back. With time you will be able to increase the amount of time within each interval, and before you know it you are running the entire time! Signing up for your local running events like the Downtown Dash also helps to maintain that commitment to working out and staying healthy.

Another way I juggle a healthy lifestyle is getting someone else to do the cooking. While it sounds extravagant and expensive, meal preparation services have boomed over the last year and they’ve become more affordable. I personally use Healthy Chew with Chef Pete Nguyen. This literally takes all the thinking out of dieting because you don’t have to do any research or preparation on your own. My husband and I both get ten meals a week delivered on Monday morning before work. I no longer rush home to get a big meal on the table, and it gives me the time needed to either go for a run or just spend quality time with my family. While I still have to cook something for the girls, it’s not nearly as complicated as cooking for four.

With all of that said, go take a walk or go for a run, and come join the Junior League of Little Rock at this year’s Downtown Dash. At the end you’ll be happy you did!

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