Faces of Fashion: Bell & Sward’s Erik Sward


Festival of Fashion promises to be the most stylish event of the season – featuring extraordinary looks that dazzle + delight. These boutiques share a commitment to our community and the CARTI mission of improved patient care. With insight for looking your best this fall, join the fun and celebrate the season in style.

Festival of Fashion  |  Friday, Nov. 18 | Hashtag Festival of Fashion #FOF with your favorite fall looks!



Inviting Arkansas: What inspired you to open your own business?
Erik Sward:
I felt there was a void in the market and chased it from there.

IA: What motivates you to unlock the doors for business every day?
The store is like my baby and I want to see it grow and succeed.

IA: What do clients enjoy most about the shop local movement?
I think the personal relationships that are built.

IA: How does that trend transcend your brick and mortar shop?  
People enjoy investing in their communities and shopping with people that they know, trust, and respect.

IA: Best kept secret about owning a local business? 
 You don’t get to make your own schedule

IA: What keeps you living + giving in Central Arkansas?
It’s home

IA: Why do you participate in CARTI’s Festival of Fashion?
 It is a great event that benefits an even better cause.

IA: Favorite Fall Trend?
 Quilted Jackets

IA: Season’s Essential?
True Grit Fleece

IA: Fashion/Style Icon?
Ralph Lauren

IA: Fashion Mantra?
 Clothes don’t make the man, they just show the world who he is.

Inviting Arkansas

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