Faces of Fashion: Proposal’s Toni Tucker


Festival of Fashion promises to be the most stylish event of the season – featuring extraordinary looks that dazzle + delight. These boutiques share a commitment to our community and the CARTI mission of improved patient care. With insight for looking your best this fall, join the fun and celebrate the season in style.

Festival of Fashion  |  Friday, Nov. 18 | Hashtag Festival of Fashion #FOF with your favorite fall looks!



Inviting Arkansas: What inspired you to open your own business?
Toni Tucker:
There isn’t one single thing or reason why I wanted to open my own business, but I have an entrepreneurial mindset, I love helping people feel their best, and I want our small businesses in Arkansas to flourish.

IA: What motivates you to unlock the doors for business every day?
 There are so many factors behind why I unlock my doors for business everyday including my family and my wonderful employees. Opening the doors for our wonderful customers is all the motivation I need, though!

IA: What do clients enjoy most about the shop local movement?
Little Rock is so lucky to have such a wonderful community of people who are behind the shop local movement. Our clients in particular enjoy shopping small because we literally become friends and treat each other like family. You just cannot get that service when shopping online or at a big chain store.

IA: Best kept secret about owning a local business?  
The best kept secret of owning my own business is my amazing staff! You might think your team is awesome, but my team is the best! If you don’t have an amazing group of employees you just simply cannot run your business to its full potential!

IA: Why do you participate in CARTI’s Festival of Fashion?
I have participated in several events throughout the years, but I have never wavered with CARTI Festival of Fashion. It is such a well done event with multiple days/nights reaching out to all different people! This event is always a constant for Proposals!

IA: Favorite Fall Trend?
 My favorite fall trend is anything with a cold shoulder!

IA: Must-have accessory?
 My must-have accessory: My Tom Ford sunglasses

IA: Fashion Mantra?
 “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” -Yves Saint Laurent

Inviting Arkansas

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