“I’m a Survivor” feather pin of newly launched Red Garden Designs

If you or a loved one has survived cancer, or you’ve been a caregiver to a survivor, it’s time to celebrate—with a feather.

Carla Emanuel, local businesswoman and wife to Dr. Peter Emanuel, executive director of the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, recently celebrated the launch of her business, Red Garden Designs.

The company sells feather T-shirts, hats, decals and pins to recognize cancer survivorship.

“The golden feather represents strength and has Biblical significance. Look closely, and you will notice the imperfections of the feathers, which have been tattered in battle, much like the battle that survivors and their loved ones endure when facing the devastating trials of cancer,” Emanuel said of her product.

The newly launched website is a place for people to write and share their stories of survival, as well as purchase merchandise.

At the kick-off event, Emanuel thanked the friends, family members and colleagues who gathered to support her business, as well as her vision for it.

Emanuel’s mission is for the feather pin to become the national, even international, symbol of triumph for everyone—survivors themselves, loved ones and caregivers—who has battled any type of cancer.

“It’s promoting survivorship instead of focusing on having the disease itself. It also focuses on the caregivers, nurses, and doctors. If you’ve been taking care of someone with cancer, you’ve been through a battle,” Emanuel said. “I’m hoping to bring awareness to and focus on the fact that we’re having more survivors instead of victims. I’m also hoping to bring awareness to our own cancer center here in Arkansas.”

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