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Get the Look: Aaron Charles Cosmetics

By: Michele Towne, Inviting Arkansas Owner and Publisher

This routine was just marvelous, darling, marvelous!

Aaron Perkins, owner of Face Your Day Salon in downtown Little Rock, gave me a fab makeover and taught me some easy tips + tricks – such as how to contour – since yours truly had no clue how to do that properly prior to our meeting.

Everybody needs to keep up with the latest trends in makeup application – whether you’ve been wearing makeup for five years or 50 years – and Aaron’s the guy to help you figure it out. I highly recommend you make an appointment with him, or any of the wonderful gals at Face Your Day Salon, to get fixed up with a fab look tailored to you that is totally doable every day.

~ MT

Achieve this flawless finish in nine easy steps with Aaron Charles Cosmetics – curated with sensibility + style that EVERY woman can embrace every day.

  1. Foundation: Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation in Sandy Beige; fragrance free, paraben-free + hypoallergenic
  2. Contour: Matte Medium Brown Bronzing Powder
  3. Concealer: Dual Action Concealer in Medium
  4. Brow: Brow Balm in Brunette
  5. Eye Shadow: Pink Bisque, Bronzite and Black
  6. Mascara: Aaron Charles Voluminous in Black
  7. Blush: Baked Blush in Rose Gold
  8. Highlights: Enlighten Highlighter 
  9. Lips: Luxury Matte Lipstick in Valentina
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