June Fashion Week: “Packed and Ready” with Beyond Cotton

Ready for Inviting Arkansas Fashion Week day two? It’s here! Maura Montez with Beyond Cotton shares the scoop on all things summer vacay – from styling Beyond Cotton’s June fashion feature to on-the-go travel tips for fashion and beauty. Check out Maura’s ideas for FAB summer travel.


Inviting Arkansas: What is your favorite piece from the fashion feature?
Maura Montez:
 the Oh My Gauze Cutie tank

IA: How would you style the vacation piece from day to night?
 leave as is for the day with flip flops – for the night, exchange the shorts for a crisp, white linen pant and the bag for a cool wristlet paired with strappy sandals

IA: Where is your ultimate summer vacay destination?
Bali (dream big)

IA: Would you rather: take a road trip across the US or fly to a remote European Island?
 fly to a remote European island

IA: In order to survive a 12-hour car ride, you don’t leave home without what in your purse?
 my iPhone with all of my music: major necessity

IA: Are you an over-packer or an under-packer?
 over-packer – you never know what you will be in the mood to wear

IA: What is your go-to airport outfit?
 a tank with a cropped cardi, and a flax linen pant

IA: Best travel advice?
Stay aware and don’t be afraid to try new things – especially food!

IA: Top five packing essentials:
 clothes that I can layer, separated jewelry so that it doesn’t get tangled, rosewater: the perfect refreshing spritzer for face, body & hair, a lightweight scarf, and a cool tote

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