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Pajama Trend

Photography by Emily Segrest

Guest Blog by Madison Strode

The pajama trend is something I have been a huge fan of for a while now. It intimidated me a bit, which I like. For me, outfits that push me out of my comfort zone are the best. When I first saw the look taking off, everyone was wearing them with matching long pajama pants. At the time, this was too much. I thought I would never be able to pull it off, so I never purchased a set. I really regret that now, because all I can think about is a two-piece, long sleeve, striped pajama set with a great pair of open-toed pumps. While I have been on the hunt for my dream set, I came across this pajama piece from ASOS. I was drawn to it for many reasons, but the main reason being the crop of the pant. I felt that with the impending summer heat, this was ideal. I couldn’t imagine a cooler summer outfit. It’s so lightweight, breezy and unique. You can’t ask for much more than that. I also love the floral detailing and the oversized fit of the blazer.



It’s worth noting that another (obvious) major selling point to the pajama trend is that you can wear each piece separately. I say obviously, but a lot of people, including me, wouldn’t break up a set for the longest time. I am beyond happy I finally saw the light, because it opens so many more doors for a look like this. I can’t wait to wear this pajama blazer with skinny jeans and a white heel, and the pants with a body suit or cropped top.

My rule of thumb is that if you are going to invest in a trendy look like this, be sure you can re-wear it again in some capacity. Nothing is worse than buyers’ remorse. Be creative, bold, and if all else fails, the pajama trend will never go out of style paired with a glass of wine and The Bachelorette.



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