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Special Event Blog: Let Your Style Run Wild

Joshua Price

Guest blog by Joshua Price

With the eagerly anticipated Wild Wines at the Little Rock Zoo coming up this weekend boasting two events – the Reserve Room on May 5 and Grand Tasting on May 6 – you may ask, yourself, how can I look like a proper gent yet also embrace the occasion and show off my wild side? Luckily, I’m here to assist you in your hunt for the perfect attire.

Unleash your inner fashion animal with these style tips befitting the king of the concrete jungle:

Animal Prints – Modern gents normally wouldn’t think of wearing animal prints, but for much of history, men proudly wore the pelts and skins of the game they hunted. Today, you can incorporate natural tiger, cheetah, giraffe, and zebra patterns in a subtle way through accessories like pocket squares and socks to convey the power and beauty of these magnificent creatures.
Safari Chic – Imagine you’re Ernest Hemingway or Teddy Roosevelt on African safari and don light cotton and linen fabrics in white, beige, tan, khaki, and olive drab. Add a hat or pair of ankle boots to complete the look.
Leather Accents – Channel your inner adventurer (think Indiana Jones) by wearing leather accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, or even a unique pair of braided cufflinks (see Look #1).

Capture the Look:

Joshua Price

Look #1: Gentleman on the Prowl




Look #2: Dominating the Herd





Look #3: Leading the Pack









It’s been said that “It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.” Take a walk on the wild side with these style tips and no one will mistake you for a being a follower.

Cover photo courtesy of Wendy Kelley Photography

Suit in cover photo by 217 Lincoln

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