The August SprezzaBox- Handle Business with the Hanover Box

Guest Blog by Joshua Price, SprezzaBox Ambassador

SprezzaBox’s August box, the “Hanover,” is named for a triangular-shaped public park in Manhattan’s financial district.  Hanover Square was historically the center of New York City’s commodity market, housing both the lucrative Cotton Exchange and the Cocoa Exchange, and contributing to a steady procession of successful businessmen. The entrepreneurial spirit of this area of New York provides the inspiration for the contents of the Hanover Box, which contains items catering to the young professional living – and working – in the fast lane.

The Hanover Box in blue/green.

The Hanover Box includes these accessories to showcase your professional style:

• Necktie from Knottery NY – This geometric print is all business, but the bold color will make your colleagues take notice.
SPREZZA Pocket Square – A classic white square is perfect for professionals of every field, and the brightly-colored lining shows your daring style.
Stesso Socks – A striped print complements any look while expressing your playful side.
• DIY Shoe Brush & Buffing Cloth –  Throw this handy kit into your tote bag to keep your shoes clean and scuff-free while traveling for work or play.
Men’s Shoe Club Laces – Always smart to have in a pinch in case your shoelaces break or you want to switch them for another color.
• Leather Cleaner from Bickmore – Developed by an expert in proper leather care since 1882, this travel-sized bottle of BICK 1 will give you that polished look while on the go.

The brightly colored accessories in the Hanover Box pop when paired with this seersucker jacket.

New York oil tycoon and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, considered the wealthiest American of all time and the richest person in modern history had this advice:

“The most important thing for a young man is to establish a credit… a reputation, character.”

Perception is reality, and oftentimes, looking the part is just as important as being able to play the part. Whether newly breaking into the business or already established, the contents of the Hanover Box will cause you to turn heads when walking into any board room or social function, helping establish you as a modern man on the move.

Cover photo courtesy of Jodie Kelly Photography
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