2020 Visionary – Rick Fleetwood

By Kim Meyer Webb | Photography by Dero Sanford

   His quick wit and charm make Rick Fleetwood the life of the party. Always advocating for the welfare of all Arkansans, he’s admired for his civic leadership and beloved for his generous + gregarious spirit with a legacy that’s undeniable. Rick Fleetwood is a pillar in the structure of countless organizations – Arkansas Hospice, Centers for Youth & Families, Easterseals Arkansas and United Cerebral Palsy are among the many that consider Rick a hallmark in the community.       

   Rick recognized his heart for service during his childhood in Monette, Arkansas, participating in the church youth group. “I was taught that you cared for your brother and those with special needs. From an early age throughout church, high school, college, military and public life – it’s always been a part of my DNA to care for our fellow man.” He carefully considers organizations that improve the quality of life for those facing obstacles. “This is why I believe in and support Centers for Youth & Families.”

   Rick draws daily inspiration from other people. During his tenure at Snell Prosthetics & Orthotics, he witnessed the transformative power of compassion coupled with a commitment to excellence. This winning combination continues to impress him. “I met patients who have lost their arms and legs who strive every day to keep fighting for recovery. I see those with certain terminal diseases who refuse to give up.  I see those without a dime to their name who at the end of the day strive to better themselves. Every day is a miracle and either you see them or you don’t. When you do see those everyday miracles, the world seems a little bit better place to live.”

   As he reflects on this unwavering commitment to the community, it’s a shared humanity that brings Rick confidence; his contemporaries will continue this important work. “I believe in the kindness that’s in every heart. Never forget that we have a responsibility to our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate than us. Get out there and make a difference.”

“ Do not negate your role and responsibility to your fellow man. God gives us seven days a week and 24 hours a day – do not waste any of that time. We all have something to contribute. Go out there and do good  in any and all ways that you possibly can.”

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