A Blueprint for Generosity

By Deanna McGill | Photography by Sarah Oden | Shot on location at the Arkansas Foodbank

Their collective exposure to the generous spirit of Southern hospitality began early. Andrea and Marcus Lewis experienced gratitude and fortitude throughout their childhoods that shaped a philosophy for civic leadership. Andrea remembers, “My grandmother cooked on Sundays; any and everyone would come to her house to receive a home-cooked meal. I was always amazed to see the generosity she gave with her food. She made a whole lot with so little.” Marcus adds, “Our parents laid a great blueprint for love, understanding and faith in God and – most of all – how to treat others.”

   With values instilled by their families, Andrea and Marcus make civic responsibility a priority. They realized the powerful work of Arkansas Foodbank and wanted to be a part of the positive change they envision for the state of Arkansas. “It’s a privilege to partner with an organization that empowers Arkansans to live healthy, more prosperous lives,” Andrea explains. “It is an experience that Marcus and I do not take for granted.” The Arkansas Foodbank distribution center provides resources to more than 400 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and children’s feeding programs in 33 counties across Central and Southern Arkansas.

   This family’s compassionate nature, combined with Andrea’s community outreach at First Security Bank and the network Marcus has developed as an artist + fashion designer, means they are perfectly qualified to welcome guests to Harvest Night. Hosted at the Arkansas Foodbank – the evening will showcase Southern cuisine, craft beverages, live entertainment and children’s activities. A silent auction along with the Arkansas Razorback football game will add to the excitement. This outdoor event is especially significant considering the past pandemic year. Guests can enjoy their time in open spaces, with social distancing practices and safety precautions. Facility tours are available as well. “It’s an eye-opening event,” Andrea notes. “It’s one thing to hear about the work of the Arkansas Foodbank, but to see it is a totally different story.”

   The equation is simple: connect people, resources and food for fellow Arkansans. Every dollar contributed to the Arkansas Foodbank provides five meals. Andrea summarizes it best, “It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference.” Even a few dollars can make a significant impact in the lives of Arkansans; support the Arkansas Foodbank and be a part of the change.

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