A Roaring Good Time

This year, Stephanie Tucker will welcome guests to a 1920s inspired evening to support the Junior Auxiliary of Hot Springs

By Alexis Nalley | Photography by Rett Peek | Hair by Maddy Spring

   Stephanie Tucker plays a variety of roles throughout the community. As president of the Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club in Hot Springs and hospitality coordinator for The CALL in Garland/Hot Springs Counties, she believes it’s easy to contribute if the mission is heartfelt. “Our community is full of unique opportunities for everyone to give back,” Stephanie explains. “Each of us just has to find what it is that inspires us.” This year, she and fellow chairman, Brittany Akin, will welcome guests to a 1920s inspired evening – presented by the Junior Auxiliary of Hot Springs

   It’s the leadership training and empowering women to serve effectively that initially attracted Stephanie to the Junior Auxiliary of Hot Springs. “I was introduced to Junior Auxiliary after attending the annual Prohibition fundraiser three years ago. I met some extraordinary people that all shared one thing – to make sure the children of Garland County are surrounded by support and love,” Stephanie notes. “Obviously, this organization and the ladies involved spoke to my heart and I joined that year.”

   Garland County’s chapter of the Junior Auxiliary only has one fundraising event, Prohibition, which is a flapper era themed party. “Everyone comes in their Roaring 20s attire and enjoys the chance to win amazing prizes,” Stephanie notes. “With each ticket purchase, attendees receive poker chips for gaming tables that will allow entry for grand prizes.”

   Proceeds from the evening’s festivities support the work of Junior Auxiliary throughout the year that improve the community. “Projects include scholarship awards to individuals seeking higher education and JA Fun Day – a field trip for special needs children for all Garland County schools,” Stephanie explains. “Our newest project is Have a HeART for Art, which allows each student in each grade from each school in Garland County to create a piece of art that is focused on the heart to promote heart health and awareness in memory of Michelle Bartlett.”

   Stephanie says her family, especially her mother, and the women of Junior Auxiliary motivate her civic leadership and continued work to make her city a better place. “Throughout my childhood, my career and volunteering, I’ve continued to be amazed by the dedication and passion each woman that has touched my life has made,” Stephanie says. “I’m grateful to have such strong, passionate individuals show me how to get the most out of this life we have and what mark we are going to leave on our community.”

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