Arkansas Food Hall of Fame: Central Arkansas Proprietors of the Year

Photography by Caleb Shane | Shot on location at Ben. E. Keith Foods Mid-South

Left to Right

Mary Beth Ringgold
Cajun’s Wharf | Capers | Copper Grill
mussels + clams
Signature Dish
meatloaf (Copper Grill)
buying fresh + local
“The answer is YES – let’s figure it out.”

Scott McGehee
Big Orange | Heights Taco & Tamale | Local Lime | Lost 40 | ZaZa
flavors of Southeast Asia
Signature Dish
bratwurst (Lost 40)
Secret Ingredient
“Treat ALL people with absolute dignity, appreciation and respect.”

Capi Peck
authentic Mexican
Signature Dish
strawberry shortcake
Winning Combo
coffee adds depth to sauces + soups
“Treat everyone as though they are a guest in your home.”

The Department of Arkansas Heritage established the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame to recognize legendary Arkansas restaurants, proprietors and food-themed events.

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