Best Dressed Little Rock

Photography by Jamison Mosley | Shot on Location at Agasi 7: Rooftop Bar & Kitchen | Rachel’s Hair & Makeup by Sarah Meyer | Rachel’s Wardrobe from Unveiled

   “It’s going to be a high energy, cocktail party celebrating the best of the best,” John insists. “We’re bringing the community together in recognition of and support for the American Cancer Society in Arkansas,” Rachel explains. “Our 20 honorees are definitely the stars, but there will be a few surprises,” John adds with a mischievous grin and martini. This dynamic duo brings  enthusiasm to every encounter and guarantees Best Dressed Little Rock will be the most stylish < and sensational > event of the summer. Chairmen Rachel Sims and John Reeves will welcome guests to The Hall for an unforgettable evening of fashion and philanthropy. 

   Rachel and John are beloved among Capital City friends and colleagues. Both are committed to building a brighter, more beautiful future for all Arkansans and have experienced the unique challenges of a cancer journey. As owner of Joel’s Salon, John helps others navigate uncertainty with fierceness + finesse. “Something as simple as the right cut, color or wig for a cancer patient makes a world of difference in personal perspective.” Rachel is a registered nurse and co-founder of SKN at Franks Dermatology. With a compassionate heart for service, Rachel was initially introduced to CARTI through her breast reconstruction patients. “I walked through hard, but joyous times with these women and heard about their amazing experiences at CARTI,” she explains. John and Rachel note their shared devotion to CARTI Festival of Fashion and inevitable commitment to the American Cancer Society. Rachel adds, “The American Cancer Society supports cancer treatment centers, like CARTI and UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, through grant funding.”

   Much like Rachel’s impeccable professional perspective, her civic leadership blends seamlessly into good times for a greater good. John realized his contributions of time, energy and charisma were necessary. “We are all capable of being more consistent in volunteering and making life more manageable for those who need help.” Proceeds from Best Dressed Little Rock support the Access to Care Grant Program. In 2023, almost 1 million dollars is designated to cancer research in Arkansas and nearly $280,000 was awarded in Access to Care Grants throughout the state including CARTI and UAMS. This translates into helping make revolutionary cancer care available to all Arkansans. “As small business owners, we like to keep things local,” Rachel reflects. “We’re stronger together and American Cancer Society is an important part of the fight to beat cancer.” John adds, “Until there’s a cure – we’re here to help in any and every way we can.”

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